Asset Management

Asset Management today is no longer the passive function of just rent collection. It is a multi-faceted responsibility for maintenance, security, financial planning, accounting, marketing and lease negotiations. It requires coordination of the skills of different individuals to ensure the maximum benefit is gained from an investment.

RE/MAX NEXT Interntional is the expertised real estate agency in the area. Our team of professional consultants and property managers have been associated with managing property for over 20 years.

We consider the prime objective of our management function as maximizing the return in terms of both capital growth and cash flow and to relieve the property owner of the burden of the day to day management of the property while providing sufficient information upon which to base future decisions

Our management services do not take away from the owners overall control but rather are an addition. Our professional service that ensures your property gives the maximum return for your investment dollar.

Depending on the type of lease and the initial negotiations with the tenants, our management fees may be recoverable as part of the operational costs of the property. In any case they should be viewed as an investment in the long-term financial success of your property.

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